“Wounded”- Vers La Flamme edited

Experiment by using a powerful tritonal music from early XX century and using it as horror game soundtrack.

Part 1: Mysterious eerie

The video begins with a mysterious atmosphere full of tritones, in which music has the function to underline the extreme uncertainty about “where”, “what” and “who”.

Part 2: What and who

There “where” question is partially solved but “who” is the enemy and “what” is going on are the two question unsolved yet.

Doing some tasks while not knowing who’s the enemy.

Part 3: What

After the encounter with the enemy (music starts to be more move more: “avec une emotion naissante”) the character does not know what’s his destiny.

Video slows down and the “avec une emotion naissante” begins with a crescendo in an arousal state of the character.

Part 4: Do you want to see a continuation of this?

This was kinda of an experiment. Just let me know in the comments your thoughts 🙂

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