Nightcore – Horrible Kids (Set It Off) | (Lyrics)

Nightcore: Horrible Kids
Artist(s): Set It Off

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40 thoughts on “Nightcore – Horrible Kids (Set It Off) | (Lyrics)”

  1. I can’t help but think of Homestuck trolls. A planet of kids, who are on their own. Many of them turned mad because of everyone ignoring, hurting and mistreating them.
    "Picture this he was just a kid,
    Not knowing where to begin,
    He wore all the wrong clothes followed all the wrong trends,
    Persecuted for the things he did.
    Picture this he was all alone,
    Without a friend to call his own
    So he sat on his bed,
    With the thought in his head,
    With wishes that they all were dead".
    Reminds me of Eridan Ampora… this awful but miserable boy. Probably the closest one to me. I sympathise with him greatly.

  2. Ratings board: Ok so were going to have to tag your game with blood and vio-
    Devs: -Blood? I don’t see any blood?
    Ratings board: Then what’s that covering their clothes.
    Devs:………..oh we see the confusion now! No no no that ain’t blood, blood is red. Our characters…. just….really like jam?
    Ratings board:…alright, seems legit.


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