Nightcore – I Miss The Misery

Nightcore: I Miss The Misery by Cherry:
Artist: Halestorm

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~ Halestorm

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43 thoughts on “Nightcore – I Miss The Misery”

  1. Jsees is ove potter Nigtcore and sad love potter love potter and sad love potter and sad lov e po otter love potter and sad love potter and sad love potter and Saad poter p and sad love sad and sa potter love potter love potter and sad love to and yuu and mikaela hyakuya and sad love potter and sad love potter and sad love potter and sad love potter and sad potter

  2. In my opinion I don’t really think about the meaning of the song I just think it sounds good and it’s probably the most bad ass background sound for fight scenes possible when I listen to it I imagine Jerome-092 And an elite wearing halo three commando armor massacring C-sec from mass effect

  3. I miss my happiness why does life torture me with quarantine, hurting parents, screaming siblings, a loss of a friend, never seeing a close friend in actual life again, the ocean dying, the world polluting, outside and normal school amounts

  4. this is how the song should have sounded, this audio with halestorm's voice, because the audio in the official audio sounds kind of messy, didn't sound clean, but this sounds perfect. Good job mate!

  5. people who accept that your life needs bad for the good to be good live better lives,
    people who enjoy the conflict, fight, pain, hard times, challenge, the misery. . .
    those people know how to live right, enjoying whatever comes there way in our short lives. . .


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