How I re-discovered piano music in this pandemic

My journey to piano

COVID-19 has certainly brought us into a difficult period. But as we usually say, <<every cloud has a silver lining>>.

I personally think that all of us have taken up an hobby during this worldwide emergency.

During this tough period, I actually re-discovered the beauty of piano music, usually classical, but not only that genre.
After many listenings, I decided to (re-)take up piano practising.

I started with some easy Liszt (Romance), then moved to some less easy Rachmaninoff (Prelude in C sharp minor). And then, as I said before (regarding seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty), I conveyed these ideas into a single project: my YouTube channel (MusicalSeries).

MusicalSeries is a project in which I want to bring piano music into a mesmerizing and synesthetic view.

It’s not an easy thing to realize.
This activity is actually allowing me to do my current job despite following all those restrictions that are worldwide present, which put a lot of difficulties in socializing and that tend to make us very upset and sad.

My new experiment

Now, after having listened to my favourite authors and imagining new paths for my channel, I decided to start a series in which I take pieces I enjoyed and I turn them to what I really want to hear from them!

Have a look (synesthetic enough? :D) here for example:

The original piece is way longer than my variation, but this is what I wanted to actually listen to!

I must confess that I’m no so keen on writing scores, but this is my sketch. Don’t consider it as the definitive version, because I finished it….uhm by ear ( 😀 ).

Always be positive

The message I really would like to share here, in this blog about music, is: find your favourite kind of music (or hobby in general), be creative, don’t let this situation to make you sad. Always be positive!
Winston Churchill used to paint during World War II! This creative activity supported him in doing his job!

So let’s learn from great people from the past!


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