Nightcore – You're So Creepy

Nightcore – You’re So Creepy by Me.
Original Song: Ghost Town
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~ Ghost Town

~ Art by Freezeex

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Programs used:
Audio – Virtual dj
Video – Adobe After Effects
Font – YouMurdererBB / NewBorough

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48 thoughts on “Nightcore – You're So Creepy”

  1. I miss you vanna ik it wasnt your fault you were made that way and I dont blame you for leaving me even if it was part of your delusions I hope whoever your with will treat you right and can function as a normal human unlike me but for the time you were there I've never felt so loved in my life I wish you best and nothing but happiness

  2. 5 layers of addblock 2 of which are supported on youtube and yet youtube somehow seems to not believe me? "no actually you don't have add block here let me unload this video and load an add for y- oh nevermind you have add block, have fun reloading the video."

  3. Higurashi protagonist(shion sunozaki), mirai nikki leading protagonist(gasai yuno), and school live(kotohana)😯 are the yandere characters tht u captivated in this song?

  4. When you're a yandere and your senpai doesn't understand…

    "You'll understand someday" Is what I tell him.

    Smh just tie him up.. Even if it means killing him.. Hehe love him before killing him~

  5. This picture is me and my friends when we hear "there's a new kid in school" we want to scare them away so bad. Though in reality, we are just a bunch of weird girls that laugh at the bitches that think they are all that in a bag of chips


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