Trying to compose a Chopinesque A.I. ballade?

The debate has never ended. A.I. true composer or A.I. not a composer? It’s a Chopin A.I. a good tool?
I personally think that A.I. is a great tool, but we need human inputs to make it generate something that goes out of the patterns.

Take this example: I gave an initial input to Musenet A.I. (view attributions below) and then I had the output that I named “A.I. Ballade” (in the style of Chopin).
Although we can see this incredible result from IT Science, I think that human brain has yet the major role in the composing process: it creates what was not present before. The A.I. finds existing patterns and generate something new from the old. Humans make somehow a jump.

What do you think about it? What improvements can be done?

By the way, this article does not want to be long, so you can try this tool by yourself! Just go here!

P.S. In this video there’s only one human input (incipit). I think that adding more human inputs can make more meaningful the whole thing… 😀


1) Payne, Christine. “MuseNet.” OpenAI, 25 Apr. 2019,

2) A.I. image (thumbnail):

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